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Your Home Didn’t Sell because you Made these 7 Mistakes

Dear Home Seller,

I showed your home this weekend and as my clients and I approached your front door they were excited because it checked a lot of their boxes. However, by the time we left they weren’t even remotely interested in submitting an offer or taking a second look. From start to finish you made almost every single home selling mistake in the book and ALL of these mistakes were completely preventable. In some cases home sellers can’t avoid making some home selling mistakes because they can’t afford to paint, replace or renovate, but in your case the cost would have been ZERO. So where did you go wrong? What were the 7 reasons your home didn’t sell this weekend?

1. Listing Agent Accompany

When we approached the front door my clients and I were greeted by the listing agent who immediately pointed out the 14-year-old tile floor that “buyers just love,” which for the record my client would have ripped up. She then lead us around the house pointing out bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas, all things we could see. I’m not totally against agent accompany showings, but I think there is a time and place and in this instance the listing agent being there added no value. She was a distraction and my clients were not given the opportunity to envision themselves living there.

2. Clutter

The foyer was on the smaller side, but it seemed even smaller than it really was with 4 people standing there in addition to all of the furniture. The amount of furniture throughout the living areas was overwhemling too, an oversized sectional, two chairs, tables, entertainment stand, we could barely move. Your home felt so much smaller than it actually was and my clients are looking for open space, which your floorplan is very open, but it didn’t show that way.

3. Burning Candles

Bad smells don’t sell. Your home smelled like pets and bleach, which the burning candles throughout the home failed to make it smell good.

4. Sellers Home

In addition to the listing agent being there you were there too. As we walked upstairs you swept dirt right by us as we walked down the hallway. Had we been early and you didn’t have time to make last minute preparations I might understand, but we were right on time and I scheduled the appointment 24 hours in advance.

5. Pets

In addition to humans being around your dog was too. I’m a pet person, but not everyone is and he was just another distraction.

6. Blinds Closed

The master bedroom, the retreat with a lake view, felt like we were walking into a cave and we couldn’t even see the beautiful lake since the blinds were closed. A majority of home buyers are looking for light and bright, not gloom and doom.

7. Overpriced

In addition to making all of these home selling mistakes, you made the biggest one of all, you overpriced your home. Yes, you’ve already reduced your list price multiple times, but it’s still overpriced based on the immediate competition and recent sales.

Final Thoughts

First impressions are everything and home sellers only get one opportunity to make the right first impression. Unfortunately, this seller made the wrong first impression and I firmly believe if they avoided these 7 mistakes their home would have been a contender for my clients.


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