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The Full Service Agent!

With the World Wide Web at everyone's fingertips, and the endless amount of DIY's on YouTube, and T.V., and sellers are more in-tune with the real estate world, than ever!

As real estate information has become more available to the public, they expect a "full service" agent, but what exactly does "full service" agent mean in 2019? Continue reading to find out the full extent your agent can go, and why some agents are better than others.

Selling agents have traditionally provided home sellers with services starting with the initial survey and consultation of the property, assessing the goals of the seller, creating a marketing plan and listing the property on the MLS, then showing the home and negotiating with buyer's agents. They submit all documents necessary to complete the listing, and notify the seller of the listing. But because of the internet and seller's needs, agents have begun offering a menu of services and alternatives to meet these changing needs. These additional services may be offered with the original commission percentage, or, may have a flat fee.

So what are these additional services agents are handling in 2019? Professional photography, staging, SEO marketing, video and live tours, creating a sellers repair and maintenance list, setting sellers up with contractors for repairs, or even scheduling the repairs themselves, with sellers approval.

Of course, not every real estate agent goes that far. But as the role of agents evolves, it’s important to take advantage of all the services they provide if it's included in the original listing commission. If it's listed as a flat fee, separate from the commission, find out why, and see if the extra work is worth the extra money spent. Derek Veldhouse includes these services as part of the commission, and as part of his full agent routine. Call Derek if you want to know more about his Full Agent plan! (515) 770-4100

To get the best benefit from working with your agent, aim to strike a balance between minimal service and your Realtor practically moving in with your family.

Get your money’s worth.

Gone are the days of real estate agents simply listing a home, printing flyers and holding an open house.

With the ease and preference of online advertising in today’s real estate market, a thorough agent will go beyond a simple photo and description in your local MLS.

Derek Veldhouse and Team offer professional photography, professional videography – and not just virtual tours. Derek and his team visit the property, do a walk through, setup the lighting, and do a full interview video of the property, walking from room to room as an open house guest would.

Consider your unique needs for a successful home sale and seek a real estate agent equipped to provide them. Not just for luxury estates, Derek's team is more than willing to help clients by taking on extra tasks, particularly when it comes to prepping the house for market. This can include letting painters in the home during the homeowner's work hours, keeping track of renovations and even doing a bit of gardening to spruce up the front yard.

A good real estate agent should focus on providing top-quality service specifically to sell the home. A good agent can also assess which repairs, maintenance, or updates would help the home sell for top dollar, in a reasonable time frame. Derek Veldhouse offers a guiding eye, and vast knowledge of home repairs, updates, and trends, as well as an extensive list of trustworthy, certified companies to handle those specific needs.

Ask for advice, and accept the answer. You may have a better understanding of the real estate market now than you did 10 years ago, but an industry professional is going to know much more. You should not only seek their expertise, but in most cases you should listen to it as well. Some particularly difficult situations improve greatly from a professional who can offer an unbiased opinion and know where to begin.

It is imperative to hire a real estate you feel confident with and who feels confident he or she can meet your needs as a client.

Cell Derek Veldhouse with any of your real estate questions or needs, and see just how far above and beyond, he can go, compared to other agents! Every client, and their needs are important, and that is demonstrated in the Veldhouse Team's every action and effort. Let us make your our number one, and call today! (Text or Email too)

Derek Veldhouse


Re/Max Real Estate Group

6600 University Ave.

Des Moines, IA 50324


Licensed in Iowa


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