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Smart Home How-To!

Smart Home Automation

Did you know everything in your home, air conditioners, thermostats, lights, garage doors, and more- can be connected to your internet and remotely controlled by you with your phone, tablet, or computer?

You may have already known this, but with so many options, where do you begin?

First, which smart home "assistant" will you be using?

You can choose many assistant apps, but the easiest are the voice controlled assistants like Home kits from Apple, Google Home, and Amazon Echo with Alexa.

Getting started with these assistants is easy, and straight forward if you have an Android device, just download the Amazon Echo App to your smart phone or tablet, and you are connected to your assistant. Google Assistant is actually built into updated Android devices, so you can easily access your Google Home Speaker without downloading any additional apps.

Next, choose the hardware you will use to control all your smart devices in your home. This will be the control panel in which you will control with your Apple Home Kit, Google Home, or Amazon Echo. You have many choices like;

If you are using Amazon Echo- Use Echo Dot, Echo, and Echo Show for your controller.

If you choose Google Assistant, your android device or pc becomes your controller.

If using Apple- Your Iphone, Ipad, and Apple pc will be your controller.

In my opinion, the easiest and fastest product to start with is Amazon Echo because it supports many more smart product options, meaning more choices (and price points) for you!

Now, you need to decide which smart items to place into your home. Do you want to adjust lights with, the thermostat, the television, or maybe even the garage door? Write down how many smart outlets, smart light bulbs, and smart plugins you will need for each room, then begin your shopping. It is always smart to plan ahead, and count your needs before heading to the store, or buying online.

Now that you know what you need, you can have that "Jetsons" home you've always wanted!

If you or someone you know is looking to sell or buy a house, please contact me, and make it a Veldhouse!

Derek Veldhouse



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