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Renovate or Move? How to Decide

As a homeowner, there may come a time when you ask yourself: "Should I buy a new home, or stay put and renovate my old one?" 

Consider these factors when weighing your decision:

Mortgage rates. Would your mortgage rate increase if you were to buy a new home?

Renovation scope. How much would you need to do to your home to achieve the look you're hoping for? How much would it cost?

Local market. What do housing prices look like?

Long-term goals. Are you in a location you're happy with for the long-term?

Not sure if now is the right time to buy in your area? Contact me for help.


High-ROI Renovation Projects

Want to make sure the time and money you spend remodeling is worth it? Then choose your projects carefully. 

According to Remodeling Magazine, here are the highest-ROI home renovation projects you can opt for:

A new garage door (98.3% costs recouped, $3,411 in resale value)

Adding a steel entryway door (91.3% costs recouped, $1,344 in resale value)

A wood deck addition (82.8% costs recouped, $9,065 in resale value)

Minor kitchen remodel (81.1% costs recouped, $17,193 in resale value)

Siding replacement (76.7% costs recouped, $11,554 in resale value)


What Makes a Great Home Offer?

We're about to head into the busiest home-buying season of the year. Want to make sure your offers stand out in a bidding war? 

A great offer includes:

The right price. Don't just go by listing price. Factor in comparable sales, the home's condition and local demand.

A personal appeal. Include an offer letter, telling the sellers exactly why you want the property.

Pre-approval. This shows you've talked to a lender and are serious about buying the home.

Good earnest money. This gives the seller an incentive to choose your offer over another.An experienced agent is your best resource when making an offer. Reach out if buying a home is on your radar.

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