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Housing Inventory May Be Low, But It's On The Rise!

The number of houses on the market has taken a toll since the pandemic hit in 2020. The number of houses for sale dropped drastically over the past few years, but this year it's rising!

"There’s no denying the last couple of years have been tough for anyone trying to buy a home because there haven’t been enough houses to go around. But things are starting to look up.

There are more homes up for grabs this year. The graph below uses the latest data from to show in April 2024 there were more homes for sale than there were over the last few years (2021-2023)"

"If you’ve been looking to buy but put your plans on hold because you just couldn’t find what you were searching for, you might see more options now than you did over the past few years – but don’t expect a huge selection."

Let me be your local real estate agent that you can trust. I can help you get the scoop on the homes available in the area you’re interested in, and keep you update when a new one is listed! Let's make your house a "Veldhouse"!


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