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Another Reminder To Get Your Summer Maintenance Done.

After what feels like the longest ever stretch of months stuck indoors, summer—glorious summer—is finally upon us. But before you get too comfy and curl up in a hammock with a delicious blended beverage, know that there are a few things you really should check off your to-do list first.

1. Give your air conditioner a checkup

Your air conditioner works overtime in the summer, so now’s the time to make sure everything is running smoothly. It’s best to be proactive and check on the AC before you have an issue so that you aren’t sweltering while you try to diagnose a problem.

2. Spruce up your home’s exterior If something looks a little off on the outside, it probably needs your attention. Check your landscaping like overgrown trees, bushes,and shrubs. “Summer is also a good time to inspect and clean your siding,” says Hicks. “Check for storm damage, pollen, sap, and other signs of wear and tear, and clean and repair as needed.”

3. Replace or fix up exterior doors

With the increase in traffic coming and going outside, summer is a perfect time to check up on your doors, Beck says. A little bit of wear and tear over time is to be expected, but eventually, you might need a new door.

“Consider replacing doors if they’re old, worn out, or difficult to clean,” Beck says. “Or if they’re hard to open and close—and possibly dangerous to the safety of your household and guests.” 4. Check on ceiling fans and windows This is one home maintenance task you can easily knock out in an hour or two: Make sure your ceiling fans and windows are able to provide optimal cooling throughout the home.

5. Keep an eye on the roof and gutters after storms

Warmer temperatures usher in unpredictable weather, which can mean storm damage to your home. Monitor your gutters and roof to quickly detect—and hopefully avoid—costly damage.Debris can quickly fill your gutters or clutter your roof, so it’s important to assess any damage and clean your gutters after each storm. 6. Power-wash your house and deck (please wait to do so until water usage is lifted) If most of your entertaining will be done outdoors, now is a great time to power-wash the deck, pool area, patio, driveways, and the front porch of your home for guests. Also want to think about power washing your house and check for any storm damage and bad siding.


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